Vaccines at WholeKids Pediatrics

At WholeKids Pediatrics, we have adopted a vaccine schedule that achieves vaccination but at a slower pace than the recommended CDC schedule. This written policy is provided to assist you in understanding the vaccine policy at our office.  

There are many vaccinations on the CDC schedule and each has been put in place for specific reasons at specific ages. We believe that vaccines are important in preventing disease and that every child should be vaccinated.  Emerging research over the past few years continues to show that vaccines are very safe. We offer a slower vaccine schedule that allows us to assess a child's response and reduces the pain of multiple injections at once.  

Advantages to a slower schedule are as follows:

Disadvantages to the slower schedule:

We recommend that every family read a book entitled The Vaccine Book by Dr. Robert Sears. This book provides an analysis of each vaccine. Each vaccine monograph discusses the vaccine itself, the disease it is designed to prevent, what is in the vaccine and why it is on the current CDC schedule. We believe this book is to be informative and easy to read.

If you would like to discuss vaccines in detail, we suggest a separate appointment for this discussion. Although vaccines are an important part of children’s health care, there are other health issues that must be discussed at a well-child exam. Taking up most of the well visit to discuss vaccines does a disservice to the intended purpose of the well visit which is to address all aspects of the child’s health.

We believe that families have the right to make decisions regarding their children’s health care. It is our job as your child’s physician to provide education and guidance. In the end, as the child’s parent, you must make the final decisions for your child’s health including those concerning vaccines.

If you choose not vaccinate, you will be asked to sign an in house waiver which is required to remain a patient at WholeKids.  You will not be asked to leave the practice should you choose not to vaccinate.  We hope to partner with you in raising your child to be as healthy as possible. 

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